Windows Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting

Windows is the most well-known operating system in the world today. This wide-spread familiarity often speeds improvement of time for those familiar with Microsoft's collection of applications, such as MS SQL. Windows also offers full support for the ASP.NET programming language.

Windows hosting also provides a familiar environment for managing and administering your Website in a best manner. If you're comfortable using Windows on your home or work computer, you'll find it relatively easy to begin maintaining your site via a Windows-based server.

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Windows hosting ensures straightforward support for Websites developed with Microsoft FrontPage. You need to make sure that Our Company supports the FrontPage extensions that you're using for your site. Other Microsoft applications aren’t supported at all by Unix-/Linux-based hosting providers.

Besides supporting your Windows-based application requirements, a superior Windows host should also be able to offer other features you might need, including adequate disk space and bandwidth, email accounts, databases, a Web-based control panel, Webmail, FTP access, ecommerce, Windows-compatible scripts and support for applications like Weblogs, discussion forums, live chat, photo galleries and more. We always provide you with 24/7 technical help, FAQs and other types of support to help you and make good promotion of your Website.


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